Atheist Art: “ISIS: Cult of the Cultureless…”

The difference between a religion and a cult, is time.

Islam has had plenty of time, yet like the Medieval Church or the Ancient Synagogue, the falsehood is still very much entrenched in the Cultish-Phase of Faith.

Perhaps owing to the aged schism within Islam between the Sunni and the Shia leaving no centralized authority, the faith has more fundamental groups operating independently to one another worldwide than either of the two elder monotheisms combined.

Judaism and Christianity both inspire extremest interpretations within local areas around the planet however these older faleshoods have given up on their global ambitions. Radical Islam however, has not.

Following a number of Islamic attacks on France, Andrew Neil suspended traditional Anglo Franco hostilities and celebrated the superior culture and phenomenal achievements of L’hexagone in an opening tirade for a January 2015 edition of his This Week show.

Berating Fundamental Islam, Neil undressed the “loser jihadist” group and pointed towards a future in which the Islamic Caliphate of ISIS, like Christendom before it, would be dust in the books of history.

The attacks, by members if the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria, were a “response” to satirical cartoons published by magazines such as Charlie Hebdo, depicting the bronze aged figure Mohamed.

Who better then, to accompany Neil’s verbal barrage, than a number of famous French and Belgian cartoons?

“Cult of the Cultureless” was filmed with a Canon 70d and edited with iMovie whilst the soundtrack title is “Somewhere in France on the Beach” by Mactonite.

Who: Andrew Neil.

What: “This Week.”

Where: BBC One.

When: January 2015.

Why: Continued attacks by ISIS in France. 

An extract:

Evening all.

Je suis This Week.

Two Islamist’s walk into the office of a satirical magazine. It could be the opening line of a joke.

Except in Paris there was no comedy. There wasn’t even tragedy. Only a terrorist atrocity. 

And all because among the many-many-many things that fundamental Islam can’t abide, being the butt of non-believers humour is right up there.

It doesn’t like to be mocked, ridiculed, belittled or made to look silly. It can’t even take a joke and it can’t take criticism.

If you dare to suggest in writing or in pictures that it’s a squalid death cult masquerading as a religion intent on subjugating or murdering anyone who stands against it, it’s perfectly willing to kill you just to prove it’s not. So as well as not sense of humour it doesn’t get irony either. 

Loser jihadist slaughtered 132 innocents in Paris, to prove the future belongs to them rather than a civilization like France. 

Well I can’t say I fancy their chances.

Sketching out some famous French heroes!
A French General!
The deluded!
La Resistance!


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